MeetGeek - AI Meeting Assistant with Notes & Video Recording

Reshape the way your team meets.

Remote and async work has changed the way we work.
Enable your team to stay in sync and share knowledge while having less and more productive meetings.

Boost knowledge sharing
and remove siloes

Boost knowledge in your team by sharing rich content extracted from your conversations.

Get everybody on the same page quickly and allow them to catch up at their own pace while removing the need for additional calls or emails.

Automate task creation
using voice and AI suggestions

Use voice commands to create tasks or highlights in real-time during the call. Then, automatically push them to your favorite task management tool (Jira/Trello) or Slack channel.

Automate your note-taking and speed-up meeting minutes using Meetgeek's AI suggestions of highlights.

Stay in the loop without attending

Stay engaged with your team without attending the actual call by just being present in the meeting invite. You will automatically receive access to the meeting recording, transcript, and highlights.

Revisit the summary, specific highlights, or the entire conversation later at your own pace and avoid the expense of syncing everybody's calendar.

All your team conversations in one place

Store the essential parts of your team and customer conversations in one single place.

Your team can easily search through tagged and segmented transcripts, find out key information, and share it with others.

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Turn meetings from a necessary evil into a positive and rewarding experience!