Why you need to automate your meeting notes

In an increasing digital world, we still rely on pen and paper (or manual note taking software) to keep track of key information flowing in our meetings. Here is a couple of reasons why you need to consider automating your meeting notes.

90% of the information is lost after the meeting

So much of the information shared in a meeting is lost when the meeting finishes. It is estimated that 50% of the key information is wasted in the first day and 40% after one week. You only get 10%. Taking meeting notes solves the problem partially, but only a small amount of meetings get a written MoM. Especially when people change, additional meetings are needed to align and ramp up the new joiners. Moreover, many times, previous decisions are questioned due to misunderstading or confusion which, in the absence of any written evidence, require additional meetings.

You loose focus while taking notes

We now all know that multitasking is a myth and that we can only focus on one task at a time. The same goes true for meetings whenever we are responsible to take notes. It often happens that while we’re writing, we don’t hear what is being spoken and thus miss key insights.

You spend time refining after the meeting

Because we don’t want to miss important information and can’t freeze everybody in the meeting to take full-detailed notes, we usually take short (or cryptic) notes and delay the refining after the meeting is over. In fact, it often happens that we can’t take the notes immediately because we need to run for the next meeting (where we are already late). So we end up at the end of the day recalling what was said and try to get back in the story, so that we can write a proper meeting minute (or assign tasks) and distribute it to attendees. So now we need to spend 20 more minutes before ending the day…

Let an assistant do the meeting notes for you

Meetgeek virtual meeting assistant helps you avoid all of the above by transcribing the meeting and automatically extracting highlights while conversations happen. This includes key concerns, important notes and action points that you can review and share on multiple channels (e.g. mail, or task management software) at the expense of a single button click. Moreover, teams can review the history of a topic and get up to date quickly by revisiting the key outcomes and decisions of previous meetings. You can now focus 100% on your meeting, spend less time on preparing meeting notes and doing follow-ups. You will also spend less time in calls or meetings to ramp-up others on the topic.
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