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How does MeetGeek mobile app work?

Record meeting notes anytime, anywhere – whether at a conference, your desk, or during a video call, with AI and accurate transcripts at your fingertips.

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Experience an AI Meeting Note Taker on your mobile

Use MeetGeek mobile and web apps to record and automatically transcribe both in-person and virtual meetings.

Our audio to text app allows you to capture office meetings, conference talks, offline coaching sessions, and interviews, providing accurate transcripts and AI-powered meeting notes.

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real-time recording of in-person conversationreal-time recording of in-person conversation
transcription of offline meetingtranscription of offline meeting

Catch up with recorded conversations on-the-go

Transform your voice recordings on iPhone or Android devices into text. Catch-up with summaries, full recordings of meetings you missed, or specific highlights while you're away from your laptop, from the convenience your phone.

Access meeting recordings directly from your mobile device to quickly catch-up before your next call, ensuring you have full context.

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Note-taking for business professionals

Save time and boost productivity with accessible and shareable meeting records, from any source.

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Integrations and automations

MeetGeek works where you work

Get more out of your meeting notes, recordings, and insights by automatically syncing them with other tools from your stack.

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MeetGeek is a recognized leader in meeting intelligence and productivity. We are committed to exceptional customer satisfaction, as reflected in our high ratings

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You have questions? We have answers!

How do I record conversation in-person?

To record an offline conversation with the MeetGeek note taker is as simple as downloading our app, logging into your account and press “Record”. Once your conversation ends, press “Stop”, and finally click “Analyze” to transcribe audio to text and get the summary.

Can I transcribe voice recording to text for free with MeetGeek?

Yes, you can transcribe speech to text for free with MeetGeek. If you still don’t have an account, you can create one with our Basic plan, which provides you with 300 minutes of free transcription per month.

How accurate are the transcript and notes?
  • If you can make sense of it, MeetGeek will too. We provide state-of-the-art speech-to-text technology enabling high-quality video notes and transcripts.
  • Using proprietary NLP algorithms, we provide several magical out-of-the-box highlights.
  • You can also add your own and customize it according to your business or personal needs. More details here.
How many languages do you support?‍

MeetGeek provides high accuracy for the 20+ languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese and many others. Check out the full list of supported languages.

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