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Your Personalized AI Sales Assistant

A single platform to record calls, collaborate on deals, and coach your sales team for success.

Sales Leaders

Gain actionable sales insights and analytics from your team's calls to optimize your sales strategies and deliver timely coaching.

Sales reps

Record and analyze your sales calls to gain insights into deal progress, understand clients' needs and pain points, and close more deals.

Account Managers

Access detailed records of client interactions through searchable transcripts and data-driven insights, enabling you to detect risks and opportunities early on.

Sales Process Automation

Auto-sync notes into your CRM

MeetGeek matches meeting notes  with relevant deal, company, and contact information, ensuring your team has an up-to-date context and interaction history with each lead.

meetgeek meeting notes integrated with hubspot crm

Get to know the language of your customers

Unlock insights shared on sales calls, and craft hyper-relevant messaging.

Position your company based on how customers speak about their needs, objections, or competition.

Create a repository of customers’ insights

MeetGeek stores all recordings, transcripts, and summaries, making them easily available for keyword search.

Identify key topics from customer calls to understand market demand and actual customer needs .

Turn feedback into case studies

Extract highlights from an hour-long customer interview and create video testimonials or case studies.

Reuse video snippets with captions or just the text for your social media posts.

Meetgeek saved my Zoom calls!

Cheryl R.

Business Strategist and Digital Marketer

6 Months of Solid User and Consistent New Features!

Skye K

Marketing Director @ ProfitPartnerships

Meetgeek saved my Zoom calls!

Cheryl R.

Business Strategist and Digital Marketer

6 Months of Solid User and Consistent New Features!

Skye K

Marketing Director @ ProfitPartnerships

Empowering sales teams to focus on what matters most

Keep evidence of what was said

Maintain precise records of your sales calls, ensuring every key point, dispute, and action item is documented.

Track playbook adoption

Gain transparency into how well your team members follow the playbook, identify areas for improvement, and ensure the consistent application of best practices.

Onboard new reps faster

Build a Team Library of all sales calls to make it easy for new members to adopt best practices from day one.

Uncover opportunities for upselling

Intify opportunities for upselling by extracting customer needs, preferences, and potential interest in additional products or services from your sales meetings.

Get notified of important keywords and mentions

Keep your team updated with timely alerts whenever key topics, such as competition or feature requests, are mentioned during your sales calls.

Seamlessly integrate with your tool stack

Keep using your favorite tools while Meetgeek automatically syncs your client's meeting content and key highlights with HubSpot and wherever else the team gets work done.

  • Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook
  • Document repos (e.g. GDrive)
  • Collaboration (e.g. Slack)
  • CRMs (e.g. HubSpot)
  • Task management (e.g. Trello)
  • 2000+ apps through Zapier
Works with

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