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People on the video call and share meeting minutes with the team

Simplify meeting management from agenda to follow-up

MeetGeek brings you the ultimate solution for managing meetings of all types and sizes. Choose the meeting agenda template from the library and receive AI meeting minutes, action items, and key topics tailored to the call a few minutes after it ends.

The library of meeting templates includes:

People on the video call and share meeting minutes via trello, notion, slack

Create meeting templates based on your & your company’s needs

Choose a free meeting minutes template from our library or create a custom one tailored to the unique needs of your project and team.

Share corporate meeting minutes templates within departments to ensure alignment and coherence throughout your organization.

Options of sharing meeting recording with others

Get AI meeting minutes that you can share with colleagues and clients

MeetGeek AI algorithms transform your virtual meeting templates into smart, dynamic records that not only capture the essence of your discussions but also identify and assign action items automatically.

Whether it's a project meeting, a client debrief, or a weekly team catch-up, the integration of AI with your meeting notes templates ensures that every participant knows their next steps, deadlines, and responsibilities.

→ MeetGeek AI Meeting Minutes

Enhance accuracy with custom dictionaries tailored to your meetings

Boost meeting minutes quality by adding specialized words, abbreviations, or phrases unique to your organization or industry into MeetGeek. Perfect for niche fields, company jargon, or unusual names and acronyms, this custom dictionary captures every word precisely in 30+ languages.

This tailored approach not only improves the quality of your meeting minutes but also significantly enhances the efficiency of reviewing and sharing these critical documents with others.

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Seamlessly integrate with your tool stack

Keep using your favorite tools while Meetgeek automatically syncs your client's meeting content and key highlights with HubSpot and wherever else the team gets work done.

  • Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook
  • Document repos (e.g. GDrive)
  • Collaboration (e.g. Slack)
  • CRMs (e.g. HubSpot)
  • Task management (e.g. Trello)
  • 2000+ apps through Zapier
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Award Winning & Highly Rated

MeetGeek is a recognized leader in meeting intelligence and productivity. We are committed to exceptional customer satisfaction, as reflected in our high ratings

5/5 on Product Hunt
4.6/5 on G2 Crowd


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