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Project management

Sync MeetGeek meeting recordings, transcripts, highlights and tasks to ClickUp

clickup space with meeting notes


ClickUp is a productivity tool that provides an integrated suite of project management features. It is designed to help teams and organizations plan, organize, and collaborate on tasks and projects.

MeetGeek's integration with ClickUp enables you to automatically update ClickUp spaces with meeting summaries and action items. This makes it easier to collaborate on tasks discussed during calls with your team.

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MeetGeek + ClickUp integration helps you to:

  • Capture and store all your meeting recordings in your ClickUp workspace, eliminating the need for manual note-taking and sharing.
  • Store the history of projects and campaigns that you have discussed in the past and may need to refer to in the future.
  • Automate the creation of tasks based on the action items discussed during meetings.
  • Connect insights captured during meetings with ClickUp Brain for quick chats with your meetins.
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How to record Zoom meeting if you're not a host?

MeetGeek doesn't replace Zoom; it works alongside the video conference platform. Watch our video to see how you can record a Zoom meeting even if you're not the host.

Integrate Notion with MeetGeek AI Meeting Assistant

Unlock true meeting notes automation by integrating Notion with MeetGeek and up-level your productivity. See how to use these tools to keep your meeting documentation organized and actionable.

How it works?

Better together: MeetGeek + ClickUp meeting notes

Connect ClickUp

Connect your ClickUp space to MeetGeek using our 1-click integration.

Run meeting

Run your online meeting on Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams with MeetGeek Notetaker.

Collaborate with your team

Comment on meeting notes, tag responsible parties, and check off the tasks discussed during the call.

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