Meetgeek - Automatically record, take notes and share highlights with your team.

Maximize the value of your meetings.

Automatically record, take notes and
share highlights with your team.

Supercharge your meetings

Improve meeting efficiency

Focus on having an efficient conversations while recording all the details and automatically writing accurate meeting notes.

Enhance team productivity

Reduce the time spent writing meeting minutes, recalling what was discussed and having separate debrief calls with those that could not participate in the meeting.

All conversations details
at your fingertips

Capture every detail with real-time transcription and closed captioning during the meeting, as well as recordings and transcripts after the meeting.

Go back in time and find exactly what you’re looking for in your post-meeting transcripts and notes using keyword search that includes not just one, but all your meeting recordings.

Free yourself
from note taking

Focus on the conversation while meeting notes are automatically captured during the meeting and tagged in the transcript.

Review your AI-bsaed notes and transcript to write accurate minutes of meeting.

Share the important
parts of your conversations

Create your own highlights or use Meetgeek's AI suggestions to capture the most important moments of your meetings and share meaningful content for your team to watch.

Repurpose knowledge stored in conversations to create powerful and impactful stories that can be shared with others.

Stay in the loop
without attending

Skip the meeting and read, watch or listen a 2 minute summary of the meeting instead. Delivered right to your inbox.

Track pre-defined and custom topics, personalized according to your business needs and interests.

Seamlessly integrate
with your workflow

Keep using your favourite tools while Meetgeek automatically pushes meeting content and key highlights to wherever your team gets work done.

  • Google Calendar & Microsoft Outlook
  • Zoom and Microsoft Teams
  • Task management platforms (e.g. Jira/Trello)
  • Document repositories (e.g. GDrive)
  • Collaboration tools (e.g. Slack)

Speak in more languages

Speak in the language of your choice and define language-specific trigger words.

If during your meeting the spoken language changes, Meetgeek will detect this automatically and transcribe the conversation accordingly.

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