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MeetGeekBlogThe Secret to Effective Client Communication: OtterPR Case Study
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The Secret to Effective Client Communication: OtterPR Case Study

Customer Stories
Customer Stories

Do you want to press the reset button on how you approach client communication? OtterPR shares their #1 secret for effective client communication!

Anastasia Muha
5 min read
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Strong client communication can influence how clients perceive your business, how they interact with it, and, most importantly, how they make decisions on whether to use your services or products.

With more than 300 years of combined experience in PR strategy and tactics, marketing, publishing, and social media, Otter PR is a Florida-based company that helps big brands and thought leaders get national recognition in the mainstream media.

We discussed with Jay Feldman, visionary and Chief Marketing Officer at OtterPR, about the challenges their company faces in terms of client communication and how they leverage MeetGeek to supercharge their daily activities.

How OtterPR Leverages MeetGeek to Ace Client Communication

Mastering client communication allows PR companies to ensure their relationships with clients are strong and successful. Fostering an environment of collaboration and mutual understanding enables PR companies to better promote and protect their clients’ interests.

Jay: If you're a company that does a lot of meetings, whether on Zoom or Google Meet, you need a solution that's in the background documenting those conversations.

We’re in a day and age where miscommunication is just not an excuse anymore. Technologies like
MeetGeek that are both accessible and affordable will save you a lot of money in the long run, and your company will only grow because of it.

What Were the Biggest Challenges For OtterPR In Terms of Client Communication?

PR companies need to align their efforts to craft and deliver the perfect strategies to their clients. 

Keeping their clients in the loop, developing effective communication strategies, managing client expectations, and staying on top of the latest trends are only some of the factors that determine the success of a PR company.

Jay described OtterPR’s biggest communication challenge: We’ve got a large team, and we're very client-facing. We have a lot of conversations with prospects and clients, whether we’re talking about sales or service delivery, and a lot of times things can get mixed up in communications.

This prompted OtterPR to search for a tool that could keep all of their conversational records saved for two main reasons:

  • to make sure there are no miscommunications
  • to improve their service and their client communication

In an attempt to improve client communication and maximize their potential, OtterPR turned to MeetGeek. Implementing the AI-powered meeting assistant in their daily activities was fairly simple.

Once the responsible team member sent out the invitation emails through MeetGeek itself, there was hardly any friction in getting everybody on board.

How Do OtterPR Employees Use MeetGeek to Cover Communication Gaps?

Without the right tools in place, recording your Zoom or Google Meetings can be quite a hassle. 

Before MeetGeek, team members were recording all of their meetings to their desktops and then uploading them to the drive so that managers could review them afterward. 

Not only did that take up a lot of Google Drive space, but it was very cost-ineffective, not to mention time-consuming. 

According to Jay, MeetGeek made the entire process seamless. It joins the meetings with you without having to tell it to do so. It also saves everything automatically, so you can easily go find your meetings right there, in the tool. There’s a night and day difference between what we were doing then and what we're doing now.

OtterPR now leverages MeetGeek across every department: sales, customer service and within the leadership team. This makes aligning on every project effective and fast. 

Jay: Right now, my MeetGeek Bot is present, recording this meeting. It's just easier to have it rather than not to have it, which is pretty cool.

How OtterPR Uses MeetGeek for Customer and Sales Communications

Jay sheds some light on how MeetGeek is used:

To Ensure Client Success

Having clear communication protocols and acing client communication helps to ensure that everyone is — and stays — on the same page regarding expectations, timelines, and goals. 

As Jay says, there's usually some information lost in translation from when the sales team hands someone off to the PR team.

If a client comes to us and says that a salesperson promised them something that's not happening, we're able to go back to that conversation and look exactly at what was said, what was promised, and what that plan was.

To Optimize Sales

Strong customization is necessary when it comes to hitting business goals, and OtterPR knows that. That’s why they focus on understanding the objectives of each client to create a plan that will best serve their needs: our current approach increases client satisfaction and retention and also decreases our refunds, which I think is pretty profound.

We know that numbers never lie, so we asked Jay to provide some numbers that showcase exactly how OtterPR has benefitted from implementing MeetGeek across their organization, and the results did not disappoint: After implementing MeetGeek, our client retention went up by three months and our refunds decreased by 30%.

What Advice Would You Give Other Companies Considering Our Solution?

Jay recommends MeetGeek to companies that are on the hunt for tools that will allow them to optimize communication, both internally and externally. 

In a company that depends on the quality and accuracy of communication, relying solely on written notes is not an option. That’s why companies must focus on increasing the level of communication while optimizing the resources required to complete this task.

Jay explains: MeetGeek changes the way that we communicate between departments because now we have a record of everything. We have records of the meetings that we have between departments, and we have records of all of our client communications.

It makes it much easier for our team, no matter what department they're in or what level they're at, to go and catch up on all the communications with that client to date, because we do a lot of video calls.

How Does OtterPR Anticipate Its Growth With MeetGeek?

OtterPR is keeping busy and currently focusing on public relations as a digital marketing service. Yet, they are eager to expand their services and conquer new territories. And they are planning to take MeetGeek along on their journey. 

Here is what Jay had to say about OtterPR’s growth: The plan for the future is not only to grow in terms of numbers, but grow in terms of departments.

We're building a lead generation department, an SEO department, and a paid ads department, and all of those teams are going to need to understand how we're communicating with each other. We are hoping that MeetGeek will be able to scale with us and support us along the way.

As a successful PR company, OtterPR understands that working smart is essential for their development. Automatically recording, transcribing, analyzing, and summarizing their meetings with MeetGeek allows them to focus on growth while still effectively coaching and coordinating their teams.

Upgrade Your Client Communication Today

We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for OtterPR, and we’re excited to be there every step of the way. 

If you’ve been searching for the perfect tool to help you ace client communication, try MeetGeek for free to explore all the added benefits of having your very own AI virtual meeting assistant!

Article updated on 
June 26, 2023
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