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Become a MeetGeek Solutions Partner

Become the partner your customers can’t lose

Join our reseller program to accelerate the growth of your business.

Become a partner

Accelerate business growth &
differentiate from your competition

Innovative solution partners resell MeetGeek as a stand-alone service
or repackage it into a unique offer for their customers.

Grow & expand your market

Unlock value for your clients and attract new opportunities by including MeetGeek into your services/product offerings.

World class support

Get access to our partner team , along with training, marketing & sales kits, to set up you for success with your customers.

Top awards & reputation boost

Manage clients and earn a competitive recurring commission on your client’s account.

Grow at your own pace

Become a MeetGeek reseller so you can become the partner
that your customers can't afford to loose.


Earn revenue by sharing your affiliate link.

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Silver Certified Partner

As a reseller partner you'll gain access to resources to market, sell and implement MeetGeek for your clients.

Gold Certified Partner

Access a complete co-marketing strategy that fits your business. Access leads through our partner directory.

How to become a partner?

Anyone with a registered business and (ideally) a similar target audience can apply,

  1. Apply for the partnership tier by filling out the form
  2. Our team will review your application, and if accepted, will contact you for onboarding.
  3. Sign the partner agreement
  4. Start engaging with your clients and earn revenue!

Additionally, we enjoy working with Value-added resellers (VARs) Managed service providers (MSPs), implementation partners or agencies with partnership expertise.


Can anyone become a MeetGeek's reseller?
Anyone who is committed to supporting their clients through the sales, onboarding, and growth journey using MeetGeek can become a reseller. All reseller partners will start in the silver tier.
Several ideal partners are Value-added resellers (VARs), Managed service providers (MSPs), Agencies with partnership expertise.

Why are there partner tiers?
The partner tiers are in place to provide scaling support and benefits to partners who commit to growing their partnership with MeetGeek. All reseller partners begin in the silver tier and move up based on revenue or referral thresholds along with other criteria. Each tier receives different benefits and support.

What can I expect as a MeetGeek reseller partner?
You will be assigned a channel partner manager who will enable you to co-sell MeetGeek from day one. You’ll receive access to training and dedicated support to set you up for success as a reseller partner. Your channel manager will meet your business needs in pitching, selling, and onboarding clients.