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MeetGeekBlogHow to Upgrade Your Recruitment Process: BeYou Furniture Case Study
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How to Upgrade Your Recruitment Process: BeYou Furniture Case Study

Customer Stories
Customer Stories

Any quickly expanding business must upgrade their recruitment process for optimal results. Here’s how BeYou Furniture did it!

Anastasia Muha
July 7, 2023
5 min read
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Image Source: Drazen Zigic on Freepik

Welcome to the inspiring story of BeYou Furniture, an innovative Europe-based brand that embodies exceptional products with unique functionality, that has revolutionized the way people interact with their furniture. 

Founded in 2017 by a group of ambitious friends, BeYou Furniture has since experienced dramatic growth and success, thanks to their commitment to quality hiring and their unique product line. 

We sat down with Sam Olawale, BeYou Furniture’s CEO, to uncover the fascinating story behind this company's success and how MeetGeek helped them get here.

How to Scale Rapidly While Attracting the Best Talent

As a rapidly growing company, BeYou Furniture is constantly searching for the most talented and adaptable candidates to help them further their mission of creating unique products for their customers. 

They appreciate candidates who possess the essential skills for the position, as well as their core values: collaboration, innovation, creativity, storytelling, data, and transformation. MeetGeek is the tool that helps them find the candidates that check all these boxes.

The hiring process is crucial — in their own words, “a company is only as good as the people that it hires.”

What Were the Biggest Challenges For BeYou Furniture in Their Hiring Process?

BeYou Furniture’s rapid expansion posed a serious challenge when it came to their recruitment efforts. Their HR process uses the “A player method,” which consists of four core interviews conducted by the department heads. 

However, to keep up with their expansion and maintain the quality of hires, BeYou needed a solution that could both streamline their process and save time to increase their hiring speed, while also ensuring the quality of their applicants. That’s where MeetGeek came in.

How Does BeYou Furniture Use MeetGeek in the Hiring Process?

By leveraging the innovative technology of MeetGeek, BeYou Furniture upgraded their recruitment capabilities with both efficiency and effectiveness. Here’s how!


Previously, recruiters were stuck navigating multiple Google Drive folders to find the right questions for each job candidate. 

Now, thanks to MeetGeek’s prebuilt templates, that are customizable for a variety of scenarios, recruiters have a streamlined, organized way to evaluate potential hires. This simple shift has made a huge impact — now, over 50% of job candidates aren't getting past the second interview.

Moreover, recruiters can thoroughly evaluate applicants with the help of automated interview recordings, transcriptions, summaries, and video highlights, leading to more accurate hiring decisions. 

On top of that, the ability for current team members to assess the candidates' cultural fit ensures that each new hire will be a good match for the team.

Onboarding and Training 

Adriana, the main recruiter at BeYou Furniture, began utilizing the virtual meeting assistant MeetGeek for onboarding and training new hires. 

She uses the automated recordings provided by MeetGeek as examples of successful interviews and provides contextual feedback to show new hires what to expect and to help them improve their interviewing skills. 

What Specific Results Has BeYou Furniture Experienced With MeetGeek?

MeetGeek gave BeYou Furniture recruiters more confidence in the hiring process, since it saves hours of their time.

Not only can recruiters focus on having meaningful conversations with prospective employees, but the automated interview recordings, transcriptions, and video-based summaries enable recruiters to make hiring decisions quickly. 

Here are the top benefits BeYou Furniture has experienced alongside MeetGeek:

  • 40% time saved in the overall hiring process
  • 20% gained efficiency in the screening phase
  • 150+ interviews taken, 200+ shared highlights
  • 2x increased speed in deciding & replying to candidates
  • Less bias in the process & easy coaching for new recruits

How Does BeYou Furniture Use MeetGeek Beyond Recruitment?

The company has started extending MeetGeek beyond recruitment, leveraging it as an AI meeting assistant to make meetings more efficient, promote transparency, and free up calendar space. 

MeetGeek's summaries allow expanding companies like BeYou Furniture to turn many of their mandatory meetings into optional ones, further boosting business productivity and allowing them to focus more on high-value work.

How Does BeYou Furniture Anticipate Their Growth with MeetGeek?

BeYou Furniture are rapidly staffing up to meet their goals, while not increasing the workload of their existing team. That’s why they are seeking to hire for a number of senior positions in the coming months. 

Throughout this process, MeetGeek will be available to help them meet their goals, while allowing them to maintain a high level of quality and uphold the company’s values.

Transform Your Recruitment Process With MeetGeek Today! 

We’re looking forward to seeing what the future holds for BeYou Furniture, and we’re excited to help them maximize their efficiency and effectiveness. 

If you’ve been searching for the perfect way to supercharge your hiring process, try MeetGeek for free to experience the added benefits of having your personal AI virtual meeting assistant!

Article updated on 
July 7, 2023
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