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MeetGeekBlogHow Brew Interactive increased team productivity by 18% with MeetGeek
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How Brew Interactive increased team productivity by 18% with MeetGeek

Customer Stories
Customer Stories

Discover Brew Interactive’s #1 productivity hack and how their team uses MeetGeek to stay on top of their game, internally and externally!

Darya Nazarava
May 11, 2023
5 min read
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In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies must implement productivity hacks to succeed and stay ahead of the competition. Why? To boost their performance and create an optimized workflow that maximizes output and reduces costs. 

Implementing new technology and restructuring existing processes are some of the most effective ways to achieve long-term success, and Brew Interactive knows it. 

With more than 14 years of experience in the game, Singapore’s leading digital marketing agency for high-growth companies provides unparalleled marketing expertise through its team of trusted experts.

We sat down with Marcus Ho, Brew Interactive’s Founder and Managing Director, about how their team leverages MeetGeek as a productivity hack to offer a customized approach to all of their clients! 

Why Productivity Is a Must for Brew Interactive

Successfully managing multiple tasks is key for any business, and marketing agencies are no exception. Productivity hacks enable them to prioritize tasks and focus on delivering results, rather than spending time on mundane responsibilities that don’t have an intrinsic value.

Courtesy of Brew Interactive
Marcus: The most important aspect of productivity is distinguishing the difference between work and managing work. 

A lot of times we think we're busy working, when in fact, we're busy managing work. When you have tools like MeetGeek in place, the management aspect becomes easier.

What Were the Biggest Challenges For Brew Interactive In Terms of Productivity?

To stay on top of their productivity game, marketing agencies have to make the most of limited resources and time to complete important tasks. This is because their success depends on more than just following a methodology, but on collaborating with their clients to co-create and deliver the best strategies.

Marcus described why he believes productivity is a must, especially for remote businesses: The reason why I'm a big fan of productivity is that I built my entire company remotely. Working remotely has very obvious benefits, as everyone has experienced in the past three years. But a lot of people tend not to acknowledge the downsides.

That is why, in his free time, he tries to understand how people can “hack” themselves to be more productive. From a Managing Director's perspective, he was searching for a solution to help the entire team become more efficient:

The thing that we were lacking was a tool to help us with the recording of our meetings. Finding a tool that integrates perfectly with our technology stack was my number one priority —  as a marketing agency, we use tools like and Slack.

This led Brew Interactive to search for a conversation intelligence tool that could keep all of their conversational records saved for three main reasons:

  • to better qualify business opportunities
  • to back up their data
  • to save time.
As Marcus puts it, we knew about all the benefits of having a tool that can automatically join, record, and transcribe our meetings, so when we found MeetGeek, the decision was a no-brainer, and we signed up right away.

How Does Brew Interactive Use MeetGeek to Hack Productivity?

Without the right tools in place, productivity can be a hassle for on-site and remote marketing teams alike.

Brew Interactive leverages MeetGeek both internally and externally, which makes collaboration with clients and between team members a seamless process. 

Let’s take a deeper dive into how they achieve their goals with our AI virtual meeting assistant


As an end-to-end digital marketing agency, Brew Interactive is a customer-facing business that heavily relies on communication to achieve maximum productivity. Here are the three main ways they use MeetGeek externally:

1. To Communicate With Clients

Accurate and effective communication with clients is a must, so companies need to have a clear reference point as a way to develop the right strategies. Additionally, having a written record of what was said during meetings ensures that everyone is on the same page. That’s why Brew Interactive got all of its customer-facing team members to use it.

2. To Optimize Client Acquisition

To craft compelling messaging and develop the right strategies, marketing agencies must continuously analyze and adapt their ongoing performance.

Marcus: Currently, I am the person in charge of customer acquisition, so I need to have a clear image of the things that I could and should have asked, but didn't.

3. To Ensure Customer Success

Even for top-performing marketing agents, customer success can become quite a challenge.

As Marcus explained, there were at least two or three times when MeetGeek really came through for us. Sometimes, clients can make certain decisions which they may change their minds about later on. In that case, you can point them directly to the minute of the recording when they agreed upon the course of action for that particular case.


Brew Interactive also leverages MeetGeek internally, as a way to maximize productivity. Here is how!

1. To Save Time

From a time-saving perspective, having a virtual meeting assistant and conversation intelligence software is mandatory. This allows the entire team to focus on important and urgent tasks instead of sitting through hours of unnecessary meetings.


Marcus: I don't want to have my whole team join every call, because I'll be wasting their time. And if I waste their time enough, I'll lose my credibility, which is not what I want.

If I'm on a call, but my staff isn't, they can watch the meeting recording afterward at 2x speed, which saves plenty of time.

2. To Create a Culture of Knowledge-Sharing

Brew Interactive is a global company consisting of around 40 people. While 20 of them are based in the same part of the world, some are based in the US or Europe. It makes sense that they need to optimize knowledge-sharing despite working asynchronously.

Marcus says that because we run a marketing agency, a lot of what we do relies on knowledge-sharing. Even if you're not working remotely, and you get everyone into a room and talk, everybody absorbs information differently there. Sometimes, only 10% of the information you discuss gets registered in your head. So you need to have a common reference point to share with other team members or people who, for whatever reason, couldn't join your meeting.

3. For Onboarding and Training

As they continue to expand, Brew Interactive understands that knowledge-capturing is an essential part of the process: In the future, when my role gets replaced, I know that all our relevant data has been properly backed up. This will prompt sales reps to qualify business opportunities a lot better. MeetGeek is already a part of our onboarding process for new employees, so we get them to use it straight away.

What Was the Implementation Process with MeetGeek Like?

We also asked Marcus to shed some light on how the implementation process with MeetGeek went, and if there were any particular challenges their team encountered.


According to him, the entire operation was intuitive: I used MeetGeek, and I loved it, so I got all of our client-facing staff to start using it. All I had to do was to invite them and tell them a little bit about the privacy settings, since we also share the meeting minutes with our clients.

MeetGeek fits our needs perfectly, especially since it automatically joins every single one of our calls.

What Specific Results Has Brew Interactive Experienced With MeetGeek?

Since productivity is a staple of everything that Brew Interactive strives for, both internally and externally, we were curious to find out how implementing MeetGeek has impacted their team. 

Marcus shed some light on this: Thanks to MeetGeek, our overall productivity has increased by 15% to 18%.

What Advice Would You Give Other Companies Considering Our Solution?

Marcus recommends MeetGeek to companies that need a tool that helps them to boost productivity, both internally and externally.

Being a part of a highly competitive industry in which optimizing resources is the root of success, Marcus explains:

You're probably making a big mistake if you don't have MeetGeek in your software stack at all. It's extremely inexpensive compared to the value that you get, which makes it a no-brainer. If your entire team does more than five video calls in a week, I would say it's a must, both from a tangible and intangible standpoint.

What Role Does MeetGeek Play In Brew Interactive’s Growth Plan?

Despite already being a top performer, Brew Interactive is set to scale new heights: The services that we offer include helping businesses to generate more leads, increase their revenue, and boost their visibility and engagement through SEO and social media.

We're very happy doing what we do and will continue to do this for (at least) the next 10 years. My next goal is to delegate client acquisition, so using MeetGeek is a part of this process.

Their entire team understands how essential productivity apps are for all businesses. Automatically recording, transcribing, analyzing, and summarizing their meetings with MeetGeek allows them to focus on growth while still being top performers in their industry.

Start Hacking Productivity With MeetGeek Today!

We are excited to see what the future holds for Brew Interactive and are here to support them every step of the way. 

If you’ve been on the hunt for the best productivity hacks, try MeetGeek for free to experience how having your very own AI virtual meeting assistant will change the way you do business!

Article updated on 
June 26, 2024
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