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MeetGeekBlogWhy You Need to Change the Way You’re Taking Notes in Meetings: myVA360 Case Study
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Why You Need to Change the Way You’re Taking Notes in Meetings: myVA360 Case Study

Customer Stories
Customer Stories

Taking notes in meetings is what keeps the ball rolling for most businesses. Here is how myVA360 upgraded their business with MeetGeek!

Anastasia Muha
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When was the last time you took a step back to assess the note-taking process during your meetings? While taking notes in meetings is a no-brainer for most, completing that task effectively is a common challenge employees face, and companies may have to pay the price for it.


myVA360 helps people all over the world run their businesses without the burden of repetitive tasks and admin. Their virtual assistants use a variety of platforms to help clients with project management, executive assistance, daily tasks like setting up meetings, research and communication, social media and even design.


We sat down with Robyn de Villiers, Chief Operations Officer at myVA360, about why companies need to change the way they’re taking notes in meetings and how they’re using MeetGeek to achieve productivity and save time.

How myVA360 Upgraded Their Note-Taking Game With MeetGeek

As a remote business, myVA360 relies heavily on virtual meetings to enable proper communication both across its team and with customers. Implementing tools like MeetGeek allows them to operate as a cohesive team, despite team members working from different corners of the world.

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According to Robyn, in such a fast-paced world, it makes sense to outsource any mundane task you can. As a human with your own unique set of skills, you can instead focus on things you are good at, and perhaps only you can do.

is a very simple solution to solving quite a few problems.

Why Did myVA360 Change How They Were Taking Notes?

While there are still people who choose to go for handwritten notes during meetings, in highly collaborative meetings, that approach can quickly become inefficient. Robyn explained: We are a remote business, everything we do is remote, and we're all over the world. So we have virtual meetings all the time.

This prompted myVA360 to search for a tool that could keep all of their conversational records saved, so they could benefit from this on two fronts:

  • Internally, to get the team on the same page and pass the information seamlessly
  • Externally, for client relationship management.

To optimize their processes and reach their goals, they started using MeetGeek, an easy solution.

How Do myVA360 Employees Use MeetGeek to Accomplish Their Goals?

The success of a team that works remotely depends on a lot of factors —  communication skills, time-management abilities, and technology proficiency, to name a few. Robyn provided us with some valuable insights on how myVA360 leverages MeetGeek:

1. Internally

myVA360 understands that when it comes to team members working remotely and independently, some important details often get lost:

Sometimes you are not able to get to a meeting in time, and asking someone to share the notes from the part you missed just doesn’t work. Each person sitting in a meeting approaches issues from a different angle and interprets them differently. MeetGeek stands as a great reference point. Especially as it sits alongside us at every single meeting’.

In terms of time management, having a virtual meeting assistant also saves plenty of time: I don't necessarily want to read through the notes of an entire meeting, so with this approach, I know the key points that I'm going to read, and I can search for them directly.

As myVA360 is constantly expanding its team of virtual assistants, recording its meetings plays an important part in the coaching process: When training a virtual assistant, we need to see how they are dealing with clients. With MeetGeek, I can go in and have a look at their calls, and I can see their body language as well as their choice of words. 

2. Externally

During meetings, people are talking really quickly, so if the topic you’re discussing requires actual concentration, taking notes quickly becomes a distraction. You become too busy trying to write down what the other person's saying instead of thinking two steps ahead, which we need to do, in Robyn’s words. 

Moreover, having the video recording of the meeting, as well as its transcription, helps myVA360 to significantly improve customer relationship management: There are particular meetings with clients where, in order to avoid being an awkward fly on the wall, I go back to a previous meeting that a VA had, to be able to reference how the interaction went. If a client has a question about something that was said or done in a meeting, I can have a look.

On top of that, in the case of a VA change, having all the previous meetings recorded plays an important part, as it allows the new VA to get up to speed in no time, which helps to ensure the client is satisfied with their services.

What Specific Results Has myVA360 Experienced With MeetGeek?

Since integrating MeetGeek into their day-to-day work, myVA360 has experienced several positive results:

  • Improved accuracy in working communications
  • Better time management
  • Enhanced attention to detail
  • Increased professionalism.

Keeping the entire team accountable is a great way to keep things moving, and, as Robyn says, it's human nature that, if you are recording something that can be kept and referenced, you often perform better. 

myVA360 provided us with some hard evidence that demonstrates the success of our collaboration: In terms of time management, our team members (on average) are spared 40 hours a month of minute taking...that equates to a whole working week. During that time, they are better able to concentrate and collaborate during meetings.

How Does myVA360 Anticipate Their Expansion With MeetGeek?

myVA360 is continuing to expand, with more users signing up all over the world every day. This implies that their base of virtual assistants is also growing. And MeetGeek is a part of their expansion plan: 

The larger the company gets, the more we will need to rely on MeetGeek. Streamlining our processes will help us be more efficient, increase the level of accountability across the entire team, and improve performance.

Meetings are the backbone of myVA360's daily operations, and with MeetGeek, they can be automatically recorded, transcribed, analyzed, and summarized so that they can focus on providing value to their customers.

Any Advice for Other Companies Considering Our Solution?

Robyn recommends MeetGeek to companies who rely on meetings to keep their engine running, especially in such a fast-paced environment:

If there is a tool like MeetGeek that's going to save you time, particularly when it comes to something that is not necessarily stimulating, then use that.

Change Your Note-Taking Game Before Your Next Meeting! 

We’re excited to see how myVA360 will continue to expand their business with MeetGeek by their side.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect tool to help you stay on top of your game, try MeetGeek for free to see how having a virtual AI meeting assistant will change the way you’re taking notes in meetings!

Article updated on 
April 22, 2024
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