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8 Best Sales Productivity Tools to Improve Your Workflow


Let's discover the tools that can boost your effectiveness and propel your sales success to new heights!

Jeremy Chatelaine
June 21, 2023
5 min read
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In the fast-paced and competitive world of sales, optimizing for productivity is paramount for achieving remarkable results. 

On average, sales reps spend around 28% of their workweek actually selling; this is because of too many manual tasks in their workflow.

Spending too much time on tasks that aren’t as important as actually selling can lead to fewer deals closed and more deals lost.   

Thankfully, a wide range of powerful sales productivity tools are available to help you supercharge your performance and maximize your potential. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the realm of sales productivity and explore some of the best tools that can revolutionize your workflow, boost your effectiveness, and propel your sales success to new heights!

Before we go into the tools, let’s discuss what a sales productivity tool actually is and show you an example.

What Is a Sales Productivity Tool?

A sales productivity tool is a software or application designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of sales professionals in their day-to-day activities. These tools are specifically created to streamline various aspects of the sales process, automate repetitive tasks and provide valuable insights and data to improve overall performance.

Ultimately allowing you to spend less time on tasks that aren’t as important and more time on the important ones, such as closing deals. As a result, boosting sales productivity.

Benefits of Sales Productivity Tools

Let’s look at a few benefits sales productivity tools can bring.

1. Increased efficiency

Sales productivity tools streamline various sales processes, automate repetitive tasks, and eliminate time-consuming manual work. By leveraging these tools, sales professionals can save valuable time and focus their efforts on high-value activities such as building relationships with prospects and closing deals. 

2. Improved Accuracy and Organization

The best sales productivity tools offer accurate data management and organization capabilities.

With sales productivity tools such as CRM systems, sales intelligence tools, and document management platforms, sales professionals can efficiently track customer interactions, manage leads, and store important information in a centralized and easily accessible manner.

3. Enhanced Collaboration and Communication

Sales productivity tools facilitate seamless collaboration and communication among team members. Features like shared calendars, team collaboration, and document-sharing capabilities enable sales teams to work together effectively, share insights, and align their efforts toward common goals.

8 Best Sales Productivity Tools To Improve Your Workflow

Here are some of the best sales productivity tools to help improve your workflow.

1. MeetGeek

MeetGeek is a sales productivity tool that revolutionizes the way meetings are managed and documented. 

It harnesses the power of AI to automate the process of transforming lengthy meeting recordings into concise and meaningful summaries. 

This makes it easier for sales professionals to quickly extract valuable insights and share them with their teams, all while not having to spend any extra time on the process. 


  • Automatically records and transcribes meetings.
  • Creates meeting summaries and uploads them to an archive for revisiting and sharing with team members. 
  • Detects keywords spoken in meetings and creates sharable meeting highlights
  • Provides meeting templates to formulate your meetings around.
  • Seamless workflow and team collaboration with many integrations so you can include your meetings in multiple places.


MeetGeek has 4 different plans to choose from. 

The Basic plan which is free and includes 5 hours of transcription a month, 3 months of transcript storage, and a month of audio storage. 

The Pro plan starts at just $19 a month, which includes 20 hours of transcription per month, a year of transcript storage, and 6 months of video storage. 

And the Business plan that’s $39 a month, which comes with 100 hours of transcription, unlimited transcript storage, and 12 months of video storage. Additionally, there is an Enterprise plan that can be customized.

2. QuickMail

QuickMail is a cold outreach platform that can help boost your sales productivity by helping you quickly send personalized emails to prospects. It provides the ability to set up effective email campaigns, personalize them with its mail merge feature, and follow up automatically.  

To verify your emails, QuickMail has a built-in email verifier that can help you filter out invalid emails as well as maintain and protect the reputation of your sends. For integrations, QuickMail integrates with CRMs Pipedrive and Hubspot to simplify data syncing.


  • Send cold emails effectively to potential prospects.
  • Create email sequences to follow up automatically.
  • Verify emails with their built-in email verifier.
  • Integrate with MailFlow to ensure emails are delivered to the primary inbox.
  • Analyze open and click-through-rate metrics to optimize campaigns.


QuickMail has four different plans to choose from.

The Free plan is completely free for a lifetime and enables you to send 3,000 emails to 1,000 prospects every month.

The Basic plan costs $49 a month and allows you to send 40,000 emails to 10,000 active prospects.

As for the Pro plan, you can send 100,000 emails a month to 50,000 active prospects.

There is also a plan for agencies, with is custom priced to tailor to the needs of each agency.

3. Calendly

Calendly is a sales productivity tool for automating all of your scheduling. Calendly works by linking to your calendar and creating a booking page with a shareable link for scheduling meetings, appointments, or anything else. You can also integrate Calendly with your CRM so that you can easily delegate events to your team members.


  • Automates the task of scheduling with a booking page and a link. 
  • Has many integrations, including CRM, billing pages, LinkedIn, email, and more.
  • Calendly offers team-based scheduling for routing meetings to other people on your team or including other team members in meetings. 
  • Seamless process to book with Calendly, simplifying the process for clients and allowing you to close more deals.


Calendly has 4 different plans for you to choose from. 

The Basic plan that Calendly offers is always free to use it connects to one calendar and offers standard features. 

Calendly’s Essentials plan for individuals starts at $10 a month per person and connects to 2 calendars. The next tier is called Professional and costs $15 a month per person, and is for small teams. The last tier is called Teams, which is $20 a month per person and is for large teams who schedule collaboratively.

4. UpLead

UpLead is a powerful sales productivity tool that makes B2B prospecting on platforms like LinkedIn easier. UpLead helps you find accurate information on prospects with a remarkable data accuracy rate of 95%, eliminating the hassle of dealing with unreliable or low-qualified leads and effectively automating the process of building quality prospect lists to close more deals faster. 

To start out finding leads, the only thing you need is the full name of the individual and the URL of the company that they work for, and you can begin to find accurate prospect information instantly. 


  • Find and verify prospect information with 95% accuracy. 
  • Organize all your prospects into one place with prospect lists.
  • Find prospects that are currently in the market for your solution with intent data.
  • Discover prospect information on other sites, such as LinkedIn, with UpLead’s chrome extension. 


UpLead has 3 plans to choose from after their free trial. The Essentials plan for individuals starts at $74 monthly, and you get access to 2,040 credits. UpLead’s plus plan starts at $149 a month and includes 4,800 credits. And their Professional plan starts at $299 for 12,000 credits.

5. Orum

Orum is an innovative sales productivity tool that leverages AI-powered technology to simplify live calling processes for the sake of supercharging sales effectiveness and driving revenue growth. At its core, Orum offers an AI-powered dialer that enables sales representatives to reach a higher number of prospects and engage in more meaningful conversations. 

By automating the task of manually calling and optimizing the calling process, Orum helps sales reps save valuable time, allowing them to focus on building relationships and closing deals. Orum also allows you to track progress and help your team become more successful through its analytics page.


  • Orum automates the task of manually dialing up prospects with their AI-powered dialer.
  • Provides insights into your sales progress with their analytics page.
  • Improve your selling skills with Orum’s calling library, which allows you to listen back to old calls and create transcripts for each call. 
  • Orum also offers a virtual salesfloor feature that allows team members to collaborate virtually with a video calling room.   


Orum has 3 pricing plans to choose from. Launch, Ascend, and Beyond. Orum formulates individual pricing for you based on the tier you choose and the number of users in your company. To get a quote, you can fill out a form on their site, and their team will get back to you with pricing. 


6. Zapier

Zapier is a powerful automation tool that eliminates the need for manual and repetitive tasks, allowing you to streamline your workflow and increase sales productivity. By connecting various apps and platforms, Zapier enables you to create automated workflows that save time and effort. 

Zapier allows you to automate data transfer and synchronization between different applications that are referred to as ‘Zaps.’ For B2B sales professionals, this means that customer information, leads, and sales data can be seamlessly synced across various tools and platforms, such as CRM systems, cold email software, project management tools, and more.


  • Seamlessly create automated tasks in the Zapier software without any code required.
  • Offers integration with over 5000 different apps and software.  
  • Automate multiple tasks at once by building Zaps that include a series of actions

that are set off at a certain time or under certain circumstances.


Zapier has 5 different plans to choose from. Their free plan includes 100 basic tasks a month. The Starter plan is $29.99 a month for 750 tasks. The Professional plan is $73,50 a month for 2,000 tasks. And their Team plan for $598 a month, and their company plan for $1,198 a month.

7. Proposify

Proposify is proposal software that helps you send, create, and manage quality proposals all in one place to help you close more deals. It discards the limitations of traditional tools like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel by organizing the proposal process in one place. 

Proposify helps to streamline the proposal creation process. With its extensive library of templates and streamlined workflows, sales teams can create and manage professional and error-free proposals efficiently and quickly. This eliminates the time-consuming tasks of finding, replacing, and duplicating content, allowing reps to focus on engaging with prospects and closing more deals.


  • Create quality proposals with effective content that converts and fits right in with your workflow.
  • Gain the insights to comprehend and expand your process, engage with prospects at the right time, and enhance effectiveness within your forecasting.
  • Creates the whole proposal process a whole lot more professional by making it easier for clients to view, engage and sign documents. 


Proposify has 2 different plans to choose from after your 14-day free trial. Proposify’s team plan starts at $49 a month per person. Their business plan conforms to your business needs, and you'll need to contact sales to get a quote.   

8. Salesloft

Salesloft is a sales productivity tool that can assist sales teams with pipeline development, lead generation, revenue generation, and customer satisfaction throughout the entire sales process. 

From the beginning, Salesloft will help you construct and nurture a pipeline with its automation features. With the help of the automation features, you can send out email sequences and send reminder emails to your customers automatically. As you create your sales playbook, you can orchestrate and track every interaction with your client through the pipeline and sync it to your CRM software.

In addition, their deals feature helps with things such as managing your pipeline and forecasting future revenue, which helps you to automate workflows and helps you manage sales performance.

Their conversions feature enables you to take, track, and transcribe calls, making this platform an all-in-one tool to help you build and manage your sales pipeline efficiently and effectively, leaving nothing out of the picture. 


  • Develop, manage, and grow an effective and profitable sales pipeline.
  • Automate workflows and manage pipeline analytics.
  • Take, record, and transcribe video calls integrated into your workflow. 


Salesloft has 3 different plans. Their Essentials, Advanced,and their Premier plan. To figure out your needs, you can request a demo, and then Salesloft will give you a price based on what tier you choose to go with.  


With sales productivity tools, your team will be able to streamline processes, procedures, and workflow; and increase sales by delegating less important background tasks to the tool. 

For example, utilizing a tool such as MeetGeek to help with a task such as summarizing and transcribing meetings can make you more productive in meetings and, as a result, add more time to devote to other, more important tasks, and save meeting costs.

Where the tricky part comes in is deciding what tasks you want to automate and what tasks you want to do manually.   

The key factor lies in identifying the ideal combination of tools that align with your sales process and business requirements.

Article updated on 
April 22, 2024
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