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10 Ways an AI Meeting Assistant Can Help With Your Meetings & Interviews


Without the right tools in place, meetings can be a painful process. Read this article to explore the 10 best use cases of having an AI meeting assistant!

Anastasia Muha
June 22, 2023
5 min read
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Image Source: Drazen Zigic on Freepik

You have probably heard that AI is taking over the world as we know it, and that AI meeting assistants are becoming the talk of the town. 

The reason is obvious: no matter the size of your company or your role in it, meetings can take up an overwhelming amount of time — despite being necessary to successfully address key topics and make pertinent decisions.

If you're curious about how employing an AI meeting assistant can transform your daily work life, keep reading!

What Is an AI meeting assistant?

AI Meeting Assistants are incredibly powerful tools for organizations and businesses that want to make their remote meetings more efficient and effective. 

This type of AI software can automate time-consuming tasks such as preparing and participating in virtual meetings

AI Meeting Assistants can schedule meetings, record and transcribe conversations, take meeting notes, set notifications for when the meeting will start, provide reports with valuable insights, and generate detailed summaries for review. 

How Do AI Meeting Assistants Work?

AI meeting assistants typically use natural language processing (NLP) to understand spoken or typed input from users and then use contextual understanding to interpret and follow user commands.

By leveraging the advantages of machine learning, AI meeting assistants are able to continually enhance their performance with each repetition of a task. 

In addition, they can take on the responsibility of certain tasks for you while you attend your meeting, including categorizing and tagging different segments of your meetings. 

Recognizing how much impact meetings can have, MeetGeek has designed a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence assistant that can make your meetings run smoother and more effectively, while simultaneously liberating participants from mundane tasks and distractions.

Our virtual meeting assistant takes care of your meeting responsibilities, while it allows you to fully engage with your team members or customers. Try MeetGeek for free today to see for yourself! 

10 Ways AI Meeting Assistants Can Make Meetings and Interviews Less Painful

Let's talk about some of the most important ways an AI meeting assistant can facilitate and optimize your meeting experience!

#1: Automatically Attend and Record Meetings

When you have to manually set up your meeting assistant to join your online meetings, there’s a high chance you’ll forget to do it so many times that you’ll give up doing it altogether.

A good AI meeting tool joins both your scheduled and ad-hoc meetings. With MeetGeek, all you have to do is to connect it to the video conferencing platform of your choice — Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet. After that, your AI assistant joins your virtual meetings the same way as any other participant. 

When your meeting begins, the personal AI meeting assistant will immediately start to provide value. Although barely noticeable, it records your meetings by capturing video, audio, and text in the background. 

Don’t need all of your conversations automatically recorded, transcribed, analyzed, and summarized? MeetGeek allows you to easily deselect those meetings in just one click!

With MeetGeek, you can set it and forget it! Sync your calendar with MeetGeek once and explore the added benefits of having an AI virtual meeting assistant with every meeting! 

#2: Act as Conversation Intelligence Software

There’s nothing more frustrating than leaving meetings with clients with all the relevant information captured and stored but no clue what to make out of it. 

Conversation Intelligence is the software technology that allows you to gather valuable insights into customer conversations by providing customer sentiment analysis and recognizing trends in the customer experience. 

This type of analysis can be used to increase customer satisfaction, boost revenue, and streamline marketing and sales strategies. All voice conversations of customer interactions are recorded, processed, stored, and analyzed by CI technology, which improves and optimizes the overall customer journey.

On top of being an all-in-one virtual meeting assistant, MeetGeek uses conversation intelligence algorithms to provide the data-driven insights you need!

MeetGeek’s meeting insights feature

#3: Automatically Create Accurate Meeting Notes & Summaries

Individual note-taking is subjective, while collaborative note-taking is convoluted. At the same time, both methods can be equally inaccurate and ineffective in the grand scheme of things, not to mention the amount of unnecessary pressure the entire process puts on meeting participants. 

A successful meeting requires more than just taking clear and accurate notes — it requires active listening and clear understanding of the context and purpose of the discussion.

Meeting notes can serve as a to-do list for everyone involved, informing members of any key decisions and keeping everyone on the same page, thus encouraging productive conversations and outcomes. 

This is where automated note-taking can make a real difference. Having organized and detailed notes is imperative for tracking progress, holding members accountable for tasks, and instilling a sense of urgency in the team. With virtual meeting assistants, you can turn the process into an intuitive one, which will save hours of your time!

#4: Generate AI Meeting Minutes

Given the role secretaries, personal assistants, and older virtual assistants have traditionally played in compiling meeting minutes, it is now natural that AI meeting assistants can provide the same service. 

If you’re like most of us, you rely on meeting minutes to tie in your efforts and synchronize with other team members. With a meeting assistant like MeetGeek in your arsenal, you can streamline the process of taking concise and accurate meeting minutes

#5: Automatically Share Meeting Notes

You can configure your AI virtual meeting assistant to effortlessly distribute the meeting notes, transcripts, and relevant operational meeting data to all participants shortly after a meeting.

Approximately 10 minutes after your meeting ends, MeetGeek will send to both your own and every participant’s inboxes a detailed summary of the meeting. 

Additionally, the video of your get-together will be available in your MeetGeek account, so you can refer to it anytime. What’s even better is that our assistant can highlight the important points, so you won't need to review irrelevant parts. 

Finally, you can also let other people who weren't in the meeting view the recording if you need to — it’s all up to you! This can be done to multiple messaging platforms, mailing lists, and push notification systems, ensuring that everyone is fully apprised of the content and directives of the meeting, while permanently mitigating the repetitive manual task of disseminating team-wide notifications. 

MeetGeek delivers all the relevant meeting information straight to your inbox!

#6: Have Better Meetings & Interviews

The ever-changing nature of the market has made it increasingly difficult for businesses to adapt their practices and mechanisms in a timely and accurate manner. To combat this, more and more companies are deploying AI-driven automation for many of their operations. 

AI meeting assistants can help to streamline processes by providing structure and meaning to your daily meeting-related operations. Whether we talk about decision-making, recruitment, strategizing, carrying out projects, or team-building activities, it’s important to ensure that all your processes are highly efficient and effective.

For instance, access to insightful analytics on customer communication and behavior allows you to better understand and anticipate customer reactions and expectations. This can improve customer service, segmentation, team performance assessments, and sales tactics. 

When it comes to recruitment procedures, analytics on candidate performance are just as valuable, as they can help to separate the best from the rest and help you to personalize interactions, thereby improving the hiring process. 

Moreover, predicting the whole course of an interview can be challenging, despite having a well-thought-out list of questions. When assessing candidates, keeping track of their answers to your questions, reading between the lines, and noticing their body language only add to the list of challenges. 

This is where our Meeting Templates come in useful. Once you add your selection of keywords to the mix, MeetGeek will categorize and identify the corresponding segments of your interview. Plus, the feature makes decision-making regarding the applicants a lot easier, since it allows you to go back and rewatch only the relevant parts.

This approach allows you to focus more on activities requiring human involvement, such as brainstorming new ideas or having more meaningful work conversations.

#7: Create a Searchable Repository of Meetings

With an AI-based smart meeting assistant, the audio of your meetings can easily be converted into text and stored in a database. Artificial intelligence algorithms can also sort the data intelligently, creating headings and sections according to points of discussion while referencing who spoke about what. 

This enables you to quickly and accurately produce detailed notes, as well as to quickly search for particular pieces of information. In addition, an AI-based meeting assistant will learn from and about your meetings, compile databases that reflect the content and topics discussed in all your meetings, and cross-reference the topics for easy searching. 

MeetGeek makes it easy to backtrack the entire history of a project and find the information you need quickly, without having to check through stacks of printed meeting minutes.

Our revolutionary meeting assistant recognizes the highlights of your meetings, freeing up valuable hours that could be better spent on more pressing matters. Try MeetGeek for free to take your meetings to the next level!

#8: Encourage Collaboration 

AI meeting assistants like MeetGeek can act as a facilitator during team meetings, helping to ensure that all voices are heard and all opinions are taken into consideration, thus enabling basic team collaboration functionality.

By syncing your meeting assistant with your meeting agenda, you can better structure the exchange of ideas, keep participants on topic, and reduce unproductive conversations and side discussions. 

In addition, having one source of truth for decision-making and carrying out projects can ensure that everyone works together toward the same goal and coordinates their efforts accordingly.

#8: Enable Knowledge-Sharing Among Teams

Knowledge-sharing is essential to cultivating a more connected and engaged workforce. When employees are more knowledgeable and take ownership of their work, their morale and productivity will soar. 

Having a centralized knowledge base, such as a digital platform where all relevant information is available, streamlines workflows and minimizes knowledge loss. This can be easily done with the help of an AI virtual meeting assistant.

Employing an assistant like MeetGeek reduces the need for external services because it allows you to use your internal resources and knowledge repository to solve any arising problems. 

#10: Integrate With Your Favorite Tools

Having a well-thought-out tool stack is key for most businesses. In this department, there’s barely any strength in the numbers. Instead, you must focus on coordinating the tools you rely on the most to successfully perform your job. 

 The easiest way to do this is by finding an AI meeting assistant that has integrations with all your favorite tools and workspaces. And MeetGeek provides just that! From CRMs to work boards, you can forget about having to manually update them with the information obtained from your online meetings!

MeetGeek successfully integrates with your favorite CRM

AI Meeting Assistant FAQ

What Video Conferencing Tools Should My AI Meeting Assistant Be Compatible With?

The answer to this question depends on your preferred meeting platform. A good AI virtual meeting assistant should be compatible with the giants of the industry, such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Do AI Meeting Assistants Work for Both Audio and Video Meetings?

Yes, AI meeting assistants work for both audio and video meetings. AI meeting assistants are designed to support employees during virtual meetings, whether you have your camera on or off.

Are the Meeting Notes Accurate?

AI meeting assistants utilize computer software to listen to input from human voices and attempt to comprehend the content of the conversation.


As of now, it is almost unavoidable for errors to occur; however, the accuracy of the AI has improved over time, with the current standard being "reasonably accurate". 

This trend is expected to continue in the future, though it is advisable always to double-check the transcript for any mistakes.

MeetGeek, however, provides a high level of accuracy in its transcriptions, so that the refining process for your meeting notes takes less time than ever.

Are There Any Privacy Concerns When Having My Meetings Recorded?

It is essential to be aware of privacy concerns when using AI assistants. Make sure to read the company's privacy agreement and look for feedback from other users. Doing so can ensure that all private conversations will remain secure.


Fortunately, services like MeetGeek take privacy seriously, so we keep our encryption and authentication practices to the highest standards.

Is Having an AI Meeting Assistant Worth the Price?

Only you can decide if the advantages of having an AI system in place to automatically transcribe your conversations, identify keywords, build an index for quick searching, provide opportunities for collaboration, and facilitate more efficient workflows justify the cost of the subscription fee

That said, both small and large organizations are reaping great benefits from incorporating AI-powered meeting assistants into their operations, and it could work just as well for your organization. Not convinced yet? MeetGeek offers a free subscription plan you can try— no credit card is required!

Start Using an AI Meeting Assistant Today! 

Let's face it: virtual AI meeting assistants can dramatically improve businesses of all sizes by helping them save time, resources, and money. 

Not only can virtual AI meeting assistants automate the tedious aspects of running meetings, but they can also improve the overall experience for attendees and offer related complementary services.  

If this sounds appealing, then why not give MeetGeek a try? Our all-in-one platform uses AI to streamline meeting management and offers a robust suite of features to custom-fit the needs of any organization. 

Get on board to experience the convenience and efficiency of virtual AI meeting assistant technology!

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Article updated on 
November 24, 2023
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